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Mouton Rothschild 1970
234,00 €
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Mouton Rothschild 1970

  • 1er Grand cru classé Pauillac, Bordeaux rouge
  • Couleur : rouge
  • Flaconnage : Bouteille
  • Etat : Etiquette abimée, Niveau moyennement bas

234,00 € TTC | HT


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234,00 € TTC

"I have had a remarkable number of opportunities to taste this wine. One of the most frustratingly irregular wines I have ever encountered, the 1970 Mouton can range from pure nectar, to a wine that is angular, austere, and frightfully hard and tannic. This bottle (one of the Reserve du Chateau bottlings that was mistakenly released by the estate and labeled with the letters R.C., rather than a number) was impossible to assess when decanted, given its hard, tough, impenetrable style. Nearly eight hours later, the wine had opened magnificently to reveal a classic bouquet of sweet cassis, tobacco, minerals, and exotic spice aromas. Opulent, full-bodied, thick, and juicy, the extraordinary evolution of this particular bottle would make a persuasive argument for long-term decanting. After being perplexed throughout much of this wine's evolution, I was reassured by this bottle. No doubt Mouton's high Cabernet Sauvignon content causes this wine to go through a tight, hard, ungenerous stage, and the 1970 requires 5-7 more years of cellaring."
Notation Wine Spectator
"Deep garnet; fragrant tar and black truffle nose; extremely concentrated; big and mouth-filling, with very dense cassis flavor; enormous, generous fruit; a voluptuous claret. "
Notation Quarin
"Note subtile de résine. Bois de pin. Gingembre. Agitation. Plus simple. Entrée en bouche douce, se développant sur un corps suave et élancé, encore marqué par la vivacité et le tanin du cabernet sauvignon. Et pour autant, le gras est présent tout le long de la bouche. Etonnant."